Melissa Hill





On a mild summer evening, a close-knit group of friends on the verge of graduating wonder about what the future holds. The one thing they do know is that they'll always be friends, and before life takes them in different directions, they make a pact to reunite in five years.

But along the way fate intervenes and as the reunion date looms, it's clear that life has not gone according to plan.

Olivia is grieving in the small village of Lakeview. Robin is in New York, determined to never return. And tough cookie Leah is struggling to find her place. But when Robin is forced to come home, all three women find themselves face to face with the past. And they start to realize that sometimes it's best never to say never ...




Laura has talent to burn, a brand-new jewellery design company and a wedding to plan. Nicola Peters has independence, a job she loves and her own home.

But all is not as it seems. Laura's struggling to live up to her parents' impossible expectations, Nicola is coping with a life-changing event, and trying to do it all alone is driving the friends apart just when they need each other most.

Then into the mix comes Chloe. She's marrying gorgeous Dan and planning the wedding of the year.

But little does she realise how much chaos a mix up with invites at the wedding stationery store is about to cause...



Tara's life seems perfect - a successful career as a life coach, the flashy sports car to match, and a happy home with Glenn.

Glamorous London PR girl Natalie has everything she ever wanted - except a husband.  

And when Tara agrees to coach her in landing the latest 'man of her dreams', the two women soon find they have more in common than either had imagined.



It was her secret, but now there was no going back...

Jenny is happily planning her wedding to the lovely Mike when out of the blue comes news she never wanted to hear: a major blast from the past is back.

And the timing could not be worse.

Years earlier, while her closest friends were falling in love and heading for happy ever after, love rat Roan broke her heart and completely shattered her life.

Harbouring a terrible secret, Jenny managed to pick up the pieces and move on, but now - just as everything is falling into place, the truth will surely out.

Or will it....?



Louise wishes she could be slim, pretty, and popular. So she can’t believe it when it seems her wish is coming true. If only it didn't all cost so much . . .

Dara wishes she could go back in time, and change everything. But she's married now, and nothing can change that. Can it?

Rosie wishes she knew how to make her children happy. Even though they're both grown up with their own lives, they seem to need her more than ever. Three very different women, about to make a journey that will change their lives forever. You should be careful what you wish for . . .


Eve knows exactly what she wants. After nine years and two lovely kids together, it's about time Liam made an honest woman of her.

Eve's older sister Sam knows more than she should. She's always thought Eve was way too good for Liam. And she doesn't like the way his work takes him to Australia and away from his adoring family all too often.

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, publisher Brooke knows nothing. Until one day, a mysterious manuscript arrives and promises to change her life forever. It seems someone doesn't want Brooke to be the last to know ...

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